Dungs - 224845 DMV-DLE 701/602 Slow Opening Fast Closing

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The DUNGS Dual Modular Valve (DMV-D(LE)/602) combines two normally closed, automatic shutoff valves in one compact housing, which can be wired independently or in parallel. Valve1 (V1) of the DMV-D and DMV-DLE series is fast opening and fast closing. Valve 2 (V2) of the DMV-D is fast opening, while V2 of the DMV-DLE is slow-opening for smoother light-off. Max. flow adjustment on V2 provides variable main flow on both models.
The DMV/6 is recommended for industrial and commercial heating applications that require
two safety shutoff valves in series. The DMV is suitable for natural gas, propane, butane, air
and other inert gases.

 Does not come with Flanges or Conduit adapter/ Din Connector/ Visual Indicator If needed, please - Email Info@combustionsupplies.com


Aluminum body; Inlet, intermediate and outlet side taps (G1/8 ISO 228); Inlet gas strainer installed in the housing upstream valves (23 mesh screen); DMV-D - V1 fast opening & closing (<1 s), V2 fast opening & closing (<1 s); DMV-DLE - V1 fast opening & closing (<1s); V2 slow opening 20s MAX @ 70F & fast closing (<1 s); V2 on both models feature a manually adjustable flow rate (<10-100%); 100% duty cycle; Refer to Flow Curves for Body Selection.