Dungs DMV-DLE 703/622 267025

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Dual Modular Valve with Proof of Closure

Does not come with Flanges or Conduit adapter/ Din Connector/ Visual Indicator If needed, please - Email Info@combustionsupplies.com


The DUNGS Dual Modular Valve (DMV-D(LE)/622) combines all the features of the DUNGS
Dual Modular Valve DMV-D(LE)/6 plus valve 2 incorporates overtravel and a proof of closure switch which is factory mounted and set.
The DUNGS DMV/622 is recommended for industrial and commercial heating applications
that require two safety shutoff valves with valve 2 Incorporating overtravel and a proof of
closure switch. The DMV/622 is suitable for natural gas, propane, butane, air and other inert gases