226464 – Dungs FRG 725/6 Proportionator/Zero Governor, 2 1/2″ NPT

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The FRG ratio regulator/zero governor has an adjustable setpoint spring and nonadjustable counter spring. Ideal for low flow or for high turndown applications. - Steady, precise and instantaneous regulation of the outlet pressure. - Connection for air impulse line. - Inlet and outlet ¼ in. NPT test ports on each side. - Factory installed vent limiter. Review applicable codes for vent line requirements.

Application (General)

The FRG is recommended for industrial and commercial heating applications. It is suitable for dry natural gas, propane, butane, air and inert gases. Suitable for up to 0.1 % by volume, dry H2S.

Application (Ratio Regulator)

Holds a constant gas/air ratio during turndown by varying gas flow to the burner in proportion to combustion air flow. Adjustable ratio for excess gas or air operation.

Application (Zero Governor)

Controls fuel by reducing incoming gas pressure to zero or adjustable to slightly above or below atmospheric pressure