266918 – Dungs GAO-A2-4-8 Gas Pressure Switch, 40-200″ W.C.

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The GAO-, GMH-, and GML-A2… pressure switches are compact, ventless gas pressure switches for modular valve train components.
These pressure switches are suitable for making and/or breaking a circuit when the medium pressure changes relative to the set point. The set point can be set in the field by an adjustable dial with an integrated scale. The switches incorporate a vent limiter as per UL 353 and limits the escape of gas less than 1.0 CFH of natural gas at 7 PSI if internal switch diaphragm ruptures.


The GAO-, GMH-, and GML-A2… pressure switches are recommended for industrial and commercial heating applications with DMV dual modular valves, SV safety valves, MBC multifunctional controls, and FRI modular pressure regulators. Various mounting options allow direct mounting on the housing.
The GAO-, GMH-, and GML-A2… pressure switch is suitable for dry natural gas, propane, butane, air and other inert gases. Suitable for up to 0.1 % by volume, dry H2S.
A “dry” gas has a dew point lower than +15 °F and its relative humidity is less than 60 %.

Mounts Directly to DMV, FRI and Flanges

Nema 4