DC2800-E0-0L0-200-200-00-0 - Honeywell UDC2800 Universal Digital Controller

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Part Number: DC2800-E0-0L0-200-200-00-0

Key Number: Digital Controller for use with 100VAC to 240VAC Power

Output #1: Electro Mechanical Relay (5amp Form C)

Output #2 and Alarm #1 or Alarms 1 and 2: No additional outputs or alarms

Communications: None

Software: Limit controller 

Input 1: TC, RTD, mV, 0V to 5V, 1V to 5V, 0V to 10V, 0mA to 20mA, 4mA to 20mA 

Input 2: None

Approvals: CE, UL, CSA, and FM 

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