Dungs FRI 712/6 230475 230-475

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Flanges Not Included- Ask customer service if flanges are needed.

The DUNGS FRI/6 pressure regulator is a spring-loaded pressure regulator with adjustable
setpoint spring. Internal sensor for regulating output pressure and a 50 micron gas filter
installed upstream all in one housing.
- With mounting kit, FRI/6 pressure regulator with gas filter directly mounts
upstream or downstream of the DMV (Dual Modular Valve).
- Lock-up Type Regulator
- Vent limiter; approved as a vent-less regulator by some authorities having
jurisdiction. (Review applicable codes for vent line requirements)
The DUNGS FRI/6 is recommended for industrial and commercial heating applications and is
suitable for natural gas, propane, butane, air and other inert gases.


Max Operating Pressure: 7 PSI