Eclipse Thermjet TJ0100 High Velocity Burner NEW

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Eclipse Thermjet TJ0100



1,000,000 Btu/hr

Block and Holder


A- Preheat Temperature: No Preheat  Ambient

3- Furnace Temperature: Furnace 2500 to 2800 Deg F

A- Firing Position: Horizontal or Vertical Up

H- Burner Style: High Velocity Outlet

BH- Combustor Type: Block and Holder

N- Fuel Type: Natural Gas (CH4)

C4- Gas Orifice: 18.0mm

E2- Air Orifice:57.0mm

X - Flame Supervision:1/2in UV Scanner Adaptr Only

S- Nozzle Material: Standard Nozzle

N- Piping Connection: NPT

0- Gas Orientation:Gas Inlet 0 D; Air Inlet 0 D