Honeywell S7800A1001 Burner Control Keyboard Display

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The S7800A Keyboard Display Module (KDM) provides first-out annunciation and system diagnosis using a two-row by twenty-column readout. The KDM provides local or remote annunciation of operation and fault information, remote reset, report generation, burner control data and diagnostic information. The KDM is part of the 7800 SERIES of microprocessor-based burner controls for gas, oil, coal or combination fuel single burner applications.


Application flexibility. 

Communication interface capability. 

Dependable, long-term operation provided by microcomputer technology. 

First-out annunciation and system diagnostics provided by a 2-row by 20-column display. 

First-out expanded annunciation with 24 limit and interlock Light Emitting Diodes (LED).

Local or remote annunciation of operation and fault information. 

Burner controller data:

ó Sequence status.

ó Sequence time.

ó Hold status.

ó Lockout/alarm status.

ó Flame signal strength.

ó Expanded annunciator status.

ó Total cycles of operation.

ó Total hours of operation.

ó Fault history of six most recent faults: 

Cycles of operation at time of fault. 

Expanded annunciator data at time of fault. 

Fault message and code. 

Hours of operation at time of fault. 

Sequence status at time of fault. 

Sequence time at time of fault.