Honeywell Slate R8001A1001 Base Module

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The Honeywell Slate Base is a core component of Honeywell SLATE integrated combustion management system. It provides communications and power for the entire Slate system, configurable safety for the burner control, flame amplifier, fuel air ratio, and limit modules, programmable logic for the digital and analog I/O modules, annunciation of system health, plus event logs and trend logging.

  • Provides power to the Slate system with multiple voltage options
  • External communication protocols: Modbus/TCP, BACnet MSTP or IP, and web services
  • Monitors health of the system
  • Provides web-based pages for browser access to the system
  • Event log storage for user lockouts, fault history, user requested events, and trend logging for user-specific data
  • Used with the Honeywell SLATE combustion management system