Honeywell Slate R8001C6001 Fuel Air Ratio Control Module

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The Honeywell Fuel Air Ratio module is a part of the Honeywell SLATE integrated combustion management system. It can support two variable frequency drives and up to four additional devices.

The Fuel Air Ratio module controls the balance between the amount of air and fuel in the combustion system. This module can control up to three different types of fuel while also controlling the system's actuators, receiving actuator feedback using Modbus communications.

  • Monitors the relationship between air and fuel in a combustion system
  • Provides 24 to 240 VAC flame safeguard
  • 2 variable frequency drives
  • 4 additional devices (actuators, additional fuel types)
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Designed to mount inside an electrical enclosure as part of a system
  • Used with the Honeywell SLATE combustion management system
  • Temperature range: -20 to 150°F (-29 to 66°C)
  • Federal Communications Commission approval Part 15, Class A
  • Compatible with Honeywell SLATE R8001M actuators and Maxon SMARTLINK DS actuators