Sensus 496-20 1″ NPT Gas Pressure Regulator

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  • 1" NPT Pressure Regulator
  • 496-20 Straight Body: All Outlet Sizes
  • Interchangeable Orifices: 1/8″ – 1/2″
  • Valve Body: Cast Iron – up to 125 psig working pressure
  • Vent Connection: 1″ NPT

The Sensus Model 496 domestic service regulator can be used on residential, small commercial and industrial applications.  The regulator is available with a variety of body sizes, loading springs, and orifices sizes.  The 4″ roll-out diaphragm provides exceptional performance, and provides capacities that normally require 6″ diaphragm regulators.  An internal relief valve is a standard feature in the model 496.

The Sensus Model 496 replaces the Sensus Model 043-B.  The regulator cases are corrosion protected and dip primed chromate conversion coating, enamel topcoat.  They are available with an Internal Relief Valve set to relieve at approximately 7-10” w.c. above normal outlet pressure setting.